Welcome. Thank you for visiting Kimberli Ransom Photography.  We look forward to having you as our guest in the studio soon.  Please call us at (503) 234-8111.

It’s your family, your moment! It will never look quite this way again.  Capture it forever!

Kimberli Ransom Photography is one of the Pacific Northwest’s premier family photography studios.  We specialize in big, bold and beautiful.  Fine art for your family.  Ms. Ransom has over 20 years’ experience in the field of art and design and brings talent, skill and passion to each image she creates for you.

Timeless style.  Archival quality.  Heirloom importance.

Kimberli Ransom Photography images are created as your Legacy Photographs to be passed down to your children, their children and beyond.  Photographs become the memories and stories of our lives.   Photographs of our grandparents or relatives are our connection to the past.   Our mission is to create photographs that become the defining images of  how your family will be remembered in the future.

Only The Best.  Our Process & Pricing. For more information click here.

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