Printing & Framing

The Printing Process for our Signed Gallery Fine Art Prints –  Only the best!

Kimberli Ransom Photography fine art gallery prints are created by one of the best Printers in the Pacific Northwest.  Meticulous and precise is how we best describe him.  In addition to his eye for detail,  each print is hand checked and approved by Kimberli before it is accepted for framing.   Large fine art prints are offered on state-of-the-art cotton rag papers.   The luster surface papers have microporous coatings, which allow the inks to penetrate and afford better protection both to the touch and against aging.   The printer uses only the most current technologies, and updates as soon as new ones are available.  These fine art prints are created using pigment-based inks (solid particles of colorant ground on a microscopic level). Pigments are the basis for the oil paints artists use which have fantastic longevity.  The concept of pigments dates back as far as cave painting.  There is a 300 year lifespan for prints stored in the dark.  If they are placed under glass and only subjected to normal incandescent or fluorescent lighting they will last at least 100 years without noticeable color shift or fade.

Optional framing information available below.

Framing Process –

Framing fine art is one of the most important and often difficult choices.  As a special thank you to our family clients, we will have your work custom framed with our local boutique framer at retail price.  We will handle all the details of the framing process saving you both time and money.   You simply choose from our frame samples and we do the rest.  All mats and mountings are the highest quality acid free archival papers.

You are also welcome to purchase your fine art prints unframed and have the work done by your own personal framer.

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