For Children

From Toddler to Tweens and Teens, children are our honored guests.  We love the excitement, laughter and playfulness they bring to the studio.  Younger children are always full of fabulous photos waiting to be taken.    Kimberli is especially drawn to photographing preteens and teens as she has witnessed first hand the difference great photography can make in the self image of a young person.  She has seen how photographing her own two step-sons over the years built up their confidence and helped their self-esteem.  During adolescence kids change quickly; both their bodies and their minds.  Kimberli has seen how a handsome photograph can literally become a young person’s “self” image; the picture they see of themselves in their mind.   Attractive and confident.   Capturing both the special beauty and confidence in every child is what we shoot for.

For Our Young Clients, there’s a table and chairs just their size!  Color crayons and a long roll of paper get everyone relaxed and having fun until we’re all set for the big lights.   Our photography assistants can help with the needs of younger kids as well.  Feel free to bring snacks and drinks to the studio.  Happy kids take much better photos then hungry ones!   A favorite toy is also a great idea.

F o l l o w   K i m b e r l i