About Kimberli

Photo by Anna M Campbell

Kimberli Ransom brings far more to your family photography than just a good eye and technical skills.   Kimberli is an all-around creative artist who has made her living in the field of art and design for over 20 years.   Her vast professional creative background, as not only a photographer, but painter, author,  musician and business manager, allows her to see the world just that much differently.  As a premier family photographer all of these talents come together, capturing your family moments.  To Kimberli everything is a composition, a story, an emotion that can only be photographed at just the right moment from just the right angle.   She creates fine art for your family as if she were painting with her camera.  Color, light, texture, mood…all captured in a split second but based upon years of experience and understanding.    You get all of it – beautiful photographs of your family, gift bags with original CDs, decadent chocolate…     Kimberli also creates a one-of-a kind encaustic painting with your photo inked into it which is previewed at the Champagne & Chocolate viewing and included in any of the premier collections.

To download both of Kimberli’s CDs visit Kimberli’s Creative Blog.

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To hear/download this CD, visit the Creative Blog

To hear/download this CD, visit the Creative Blog

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To hear/download this CD, visit the Creative Blog


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